4 FB & IG changes you need to know about NOW

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Keeping up with the algorithm
Facebook and Instagram made more changes than the Kardashians in the last few weeks. Chances are unless you’re in the digital marketing space on the daily, these changes apply to you. 
In case you missed it…
Social Media platforms are always changing. But with all-time high spikes in digital activity due to quarantine… quick and frequent changes are inevitable.Long story short, too many people are online 24/7 working remotely or stuck at home. This is causing social media to essentially hit its own carrying capacity. In a nutshell, more people are posting and consuming content than ever before – in record numbers. As a result, the rules have to change to accommodate the influx.So, what’s happening? Here are the 4 big changes you need to watch out for:
IGTV AdsIGTV monetization – aka ads are coming to IGTV. This feature is still in the testing phase but is beginning to roll out to a selective group. Be in the group.
Instagram Latest PostLatest Post – It will be a pop-up displayed over a user’s main feed ensuring you never miss a post. This feature is still in the baby development stages.
Facebook Delays Facebook announced possible delays and errors in ad reviews (it’s happening people)Be prepared for delay by creating ads and submitting them for approval long before you actually need them in case you need to adjust.
Be Careful with COVID on FBFacebook banned any ads and commerce listings that seek to capitalize on fears related to the virusThis is really about preventing exploitation. Basically, don’t be dumb. 
But on the bright side…
The ad campaigns we’re running are performing in record numbers. Facebook Ads work like an auction. But right now, companies are freezing campaigns and adjusting them based on COVID. As a result, fewer people are bidding in the auction... which means better advertising results for a fraction of the cost. We were too excited not to share a #shamelessplug for a local campaign we ran that got 96 leads in 7 hours. But seriously – this isn’t a pitch. Consider this your nudge to start running ads or investing in an advertising budget. If the above updates are any indication, the market will quickly shift even more heavily to pay to play content.
Want more marketing tips?
The quarantine has given us plenty of time to update our blog with fresh content. Be sure to check out our latest tips & ideas. 
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