5 Apps We’re Using to Automate Our Business Right Now

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It’s time to work smarter (and harder) with marketing automation.
Great content, paid advertising, and other marketing tactics are important. But the secret to closing the deal with your next client is in the follow-up. If you’re wired like many entrepreneurs, chances are you hate redundant, administrative work. You’re also conservative when it comes to spending.Right now, you have an incredible opportunity to get in front of more people, and close more business. What’s the secret? Protecting your most valuable asset right now: TIME. This week we’re changing things up. Instead of giving you marketing hacks, we’re giving you an exclusive look into the apps we use daily. They’ve allowed us to spend more time serving our clients, and marketing to prospects. No affiliate codes or strings attached – we know these tools have served us well, and we hope they help you too.

Zapier – We waited longer than we should have to begin using this software. If you’re unfamiliar, Zapier combines related administrative tasks to save you time. We now use it to send new clients welcome videos, automate our follow up process to prospect, and more. We also rely on this software to create new workflows in our Project Management system once a client pays an invoice or ad prospects we add on LinkedIn to our CRM.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – If you’re B2B, Sales Navigator is worth the investment. Given the access to decision-makers, Sales Navigator allows you to collect the information you need for social selling. We use it for lead list building to get in front of our ideal prospects.

Dux-Soup – Dux-Soup pairs perfectly with Sales Navigator but also functions without it. This robot scans LinkedIn profiles of qualified leads you input, sending canned messages to new connections. It also exports and scrapes data for accurate and timed follow up.

Calendly – We’ve used a lot of free and paid schedulers, but with so many meetings moving virtual, Calendly wins. With the ability to integrate questionnaires and send to our CRM, send email and text reminders, and add groups of people to Zoom meetings, we should have invested long ago.

White Pages – You heard correctly. We’ve researched all the expensive cold calling software, that begins in the $100’s to $1000’s of dollars a month. But if you’re a solopreneur and just need accurate phone numbers while in quarantine? Whitepages wins. If your company can’t afford ZoomInfo’s $15,000 annual price tag, Whitepages is an economical alternative.
Want more marketing tips?
The quarantine has given us plenty of time to update our blog with fresh content. Be sure to check out our latest tips & ideas. 

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