BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 💥Here’s 1 thing we’ve never done before…

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Sending emails like this are really uncomfortable…
Considering we spend most of our time in your inbox sharing you detailed tips, tricks, and resources to grow your business… it’s pretty out of the norm for us to send anything like this. But when we created a resource that we felt could serve so many people on this list, we knew it was time. So it’s time to introduce the #LaunchLocal Lab: an online membership for local businesses to get better at marketing!
What’s the #LaunchLocal Lab, anyway?
Considering It Media celebrates its first birthday on May 7, we recognized over the past year we consistently serve two types of clients.Up until this point, we’ve tried to serve both with similar services, realizing a disconnect between the needs of each client. So, we segmented our audience. We wanted to create an affordableDIY approach to marketing with a supportive community to come alongside business owners, without the agency price tag. So if you’re looking for an all-inclusive, tested approach you can implement amongst other local, service-based business owners, THIS is for YOU!
Who it’s NOT for…
Let’s face it, there’s not a one size fits all solution to marketing. And the lab isn’t for everyone. Over time, recognized we were serving two very different types of clients. And while It Media provides top quality services for scaling B2C companies, we wanted to find a solution for local business owners & solopreneurs, too. Who it’s NOT for: Anyone not willing to get their hands dirty and DIY their marketing. Anyone chasing overnight success anyone who isn’t coachable. Anyone with a full pipeline of leads and solid strategy
But if you know somebody, the lab is designed for…

Frustrated business owners with no clue how to market themselves online. Exasperated entrepreneurs who have TRIED every course and tutorial & STILL can’t grow. Worried side hustlers wondering if their business will EVER take off so they can leave their day job. Overwhelmed business owners trying to market their business in so many ways that they become paralyzed
Sound like someone you know?
We can’t tell you how excited we are to offer this membership. So if you know someone that could use this, be sure to forward on this email or share the link below. 
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One last thing…
We HATE annoying emails. Our top focus as an agency is to provide value. That’s why most of our agency emails are comprised of industry updates with links embedded to services pertaining to them.That in mind, this is the first and last email you’ll ever receive regarding exclusive small business offers, so we can get back to the digital agency stuff. But because we recognized we serve two different audiences, we wanted to be sure to let you know what’s what.Since we’re officially separating the coaching & training aspects from our agency (since they were really just “ashley” anyway), we created a new list  with content designed specifically for that audience. So if you’re NOT ready for the lab, and need exclusive coaching and advice geared toward local, small business – this stuff is for you.