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Myth Busters Advertising Edition

Everyone has their own take of what advertising is, it’s likely that many of them are correct. In 2021 advertising encompasses a lot of things. From brand recognition to product promotion you can see the world of advertising growing and changing all the time. But for everything it is, there are many things advertising certainly is NOT. So here are a few myths about advertising that need busted. 

  1. Myth #1 – You Can’t Afford It

First, you can’t afford anything that you don’t want to afford. What does this mean!? Simply put, if your mindset is stale, and you have a sour taste about advertising you’ll never put the resources aside to afford it. In reality, though, everyone can afford advertising in one form or another. Because advertising encompasses a broad spectrum of services, there is something for everyone. Stop looking at advertising as an expense, it’s not. Advertising is every bit of an investment as the device you’re reading this on. We don’t blink an eye when we need new technology in order to properly scale a business or keep up with customer desires, but when we are required to spend money on advertising, all of the sudden, we can’t afford it!? Start investing in advertising and your return will afford you the opportunity to continue. 

  1. Myth #2 – Advertising isn’t ethical 

Ok Boomer. The idea that advertising isn’t ethical is a simple way to turn the blame on someone else. We all enter social media sites with little worry or care about what we agree to. I mean honestly have you ever read the term and agreements of Facebook? Well, if you’re worried about ethics, check it out. But the reality is, none of us do. Ethical discretion isn’t about the act of advertising itself, it’s about the advertiser. This is why we spend exponential time gaining the trust of customers because there is sensitive information available. We recognize this and chose an ethical approach in each and every advertising effort we make. Ethics are internal measures embedded deep within ourselves, not within the world wide web. 

  1. Myth #3 – Advertising is the same as Public Relations 

Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing are often lumped together and blown off as unnecessary efforts to get noticed. The reality is they are all beneficial and they vary just enough that you actually need all three of them. They compliment each other and when used together they can truly set your business apart. So what is the difference between advertising and PR specifically? Keep reading… PR is all about your public image, how you communicate with your community. It’s relationship building at its finest and gives customers a base to believe in. Advertising is how you share those efforts with others and showcase the services and products you have to offer. One without the other just isn’t the same but together, you’ve got the working of a force that can’t be ignored.

There’s will always be outside talk about unfamiliar industries. We live for gossip and drama created around big ideas. If you can allow yourself to listen to the experts and the critics and take your own opinions and ideas from those tugging forces, a much bigger world of possibilities will become available to you. These are just a few of the myths out there about the world of advertising, but none of them prove true.