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Fascinating Tactics that Can Help Your Business Grow

The world of business promotion has seen immense change and growth over the years. The basics of it all still remain the same and the goal of campaigns hasn’t changed. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel at every turn. Making your efforts custom to your business and knowing the difference between the avenues you can optimize is essential to your growth.

Advertising and marketing have long been lumped together as a singular service. There is a common misconception that the process of each seamlessly works together and that if you have incredible marketing, your advertising is right on track to succeed. These ideas aren’t completely off track, but they don’t show either service at its full potential.

So, you may be wondering…What is the difference between advertising and marketing? How can you use both to leverage your business to its full potential? Let’s get started with some definitions from our agency’s dictionary.

Advertising: A pay to play environment where businesses constantly compete to be seen and heard by current and potential customers. Advertising promotes a specific product or service, with the goal to convert viewers into customers. There is a multitude of ways businesses can use advertising. The avenue chosen depends heavily on the target audience and overall business goals.

A few options when considering advertising.

  1. Digital – Using the internet to distribute promotional messages to consumers.
  1. Traditional – Newspaper, magazine, billboards, and radio are used as the medium to deliver targeted messages to potential consumers.
  1. Ambient – This avenue uses non-traditional, out of home objects to place products and services in places people wouldn’t expect.
  1. Product Placement – Embedding a product within a larger production. This could be in the form of a commercial, or film and shows someone using the product of service in a real-life circumstance.

Marketing: The goal of marketing is to raise awareness and ensure the availability of the product or service being offered. Marketing increases your chances of reaching your target audience because the efforts are specific to the demographics searching for your business.

Here are a few avenues to pursue when Marketing

  1. Content – Create and share online materials that stimulate interest in products and services.
  1. Inbound – A integration of it all. Inbound uses content, social media, SEO, and branding to draw customers to products and services.
  1. Traditional – Any form of marketing that is not online. This could include print, broadcast, phone, or billboards. This form of marketing gave way to every marketing effort you see today so it’s critical to know how it’s done and when you should use it.

So yes, it’s true, Marketing and Advertising are incredibly similar, but there are aspects of both that must be understood and implemented in order for them to serve your business properly. At It Media, we integrate marketing and advertising to work with one other and provide a seamless experience for clients and our team.

Now that you know the difference between advertising and marketing it’s time to start implementing both of them into your strategy. There are endless opportunities waiting for you. If you need help don’t forget, we’re experts. Reach out to us if you’re ready for It Media to get your business real results.