Here’s what happens when you DON’T show up… stop making these 9 mistakes with your marketing.

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The rules don’t apply to me.
Whether you’re a rule follower, rule breaker, or rule maker… we’ve all had a point where we’ve skirted around the rules.Some of us skip the rules because we think we have a better solution. Others try to avoid outcomes that make us uncomfortable. And then the rest of you if you’re like me find ways to bend the rules out of spite they exist in the first place. But whether we like it or not… rules become rules for a reason. Which means we have a decision to make.
The most important rule is showing up.
I haven’t used a sports analogy in a while. But as a soccer player for many years, most of the lessons I translate today in business came from showing up on the field.In sports, there were always a ton of rules and processes. From when I played soccer, tennis, cheerleading (ok, maybe that one doesn’t count) the rules looked different based on the game. Except for one.No matter what team I was a part of if you wanted to play the majority of the game or match, you had to be at practice. 
I remember scoring a hat trick my freshman year as a starting striker on the high school soccer team (if I’m losing you, that means scoring 3 consecutive goals in a game).In the next game, I was benched. The entire time. That decision wasn’t based on my ability. It was my lack of attendance. What’s not showing up for practice have to do with marketing? It’s simple, really. Consistency over time breeds results. If you don’t show up to practice, you’ll never win in the game.
Stop making these 9 mistakes (hint: they all have to do with forgetting to show up).
What’s not showing up for practice have to do with marketing? It’s simple, really. Consistency over time breeds results. If you don’t show up to practice, you’ll never perform in the game. 
Stop being inconsistent.If you commit to sending emails every Tuesday at 11, then do it. Otherwise, you’ll lose your audience’s trust. Stop planning so much.We’re all about strategy. But sometimes, we find that our clients spend so much time planning they never execute. Done is better than perfect. Stop over complicating it.Marketing isn’t hard. It’s just common sense. Making your marketing discipline is. Just put yourself out there.
Stop tweaking things so much.Excellence has value. But the lifetime of a social media post is typically two days. Don’t take longer than the life cycle of the post to create it. Stop critiquing other people’s content.If you have enough time to critique someone else’s brand, you aren’t spending enough time building your own.Stop avoiding it.Ever heard of creative avoidance? It’s when we knowingly or unknowingly procrastinate important tasks. Stop. 
Stop doing all the things.You can’t and won’t do them all. Stop trying to decide what to do. Pick something and then you’ll see. Stop doing things that don’t work.If no one is engaging with your post, you either are: a. not driving enough traffic to your page, or b. not creating value. Stop complaining.We all have the same amount of hours in the day. You can either develop the skills you need to DIY your marketing or outsource it. But if it’s not a priority, don’t compain. 
Stop doing all the things and just start showing up.
Listen, I’m not saying to stop all of these bad habits is simple. Our team struggles with them too. But if you’ve worked with me or stuck with me up until this point, you know I’m all about tough love. And to a fault, the most important goal at hand is for our team to help you market your business to the BEST of your ability.So whether you like it or not, it’s our MISSION to push you. Even if you’re mad at us for a minute because we say what you may not be ready to hear. Just know, it’s because we believe in you, and all you’re capable of. You’ve got this – just keep showing up. 
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