behind the scenes at It Media

We Are a niche agency

We’re a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in doing a few things really well
With paid advertising and quality content, we’re committed to getting your brand visible to attract more clients.
If you skip the jargon, that’s the industry way of saying we get your business more clients & results.
Our tight nit team consists of specialized marketers focused on providing unmatched quality.

We solve real problems

Our team works with companies across all industries. to create solution oriented strategies.

Some of the biggest problems we solve for clients are:
1. Keeping up with industry trends & changes so companies are no longer overwhelmed about their marketing.
2. Strategies that are results focused on measurable outcomes so to actually know what’s working. 
3. Making sure ad spend is being used to get results -not gamble. 
Got a problem that’s not on the list? Book a call & let’s see if we can solve it. 
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We're Pretty Ambitious

No matter the project or service, we’ve got big goals and plans as a digital marketing agency. 

We love Creating Systems

At our agency, there’s a system and process for just about everything. From the moment you first reach out, we’ve got a plan.

We embrace tough love

We believe honesty is the best policy, and we tell the truth in love. If we don’t think something will effectively drive results to your business, we’re not afraid to say no.

We Keep It Simple

Our goal is to create clear and measurable processes through our services. That means less stress and more results for our clients.

We Believe in hard work & persistence.

We’re dedicated to getting things done (the right way). Check out our services to see how we do it. 

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The Faces Behind our Success

Ashley M.


Logan C.

Admin & Operations

Dallas M.


Kendall C.

Brand Strategist

Fallon T.

Content Strategist

Tammy Lensing

Ads Manager

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