How to keep marketing despite COVID-19

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How do you market in a pandemic?!
Day by day, the global health climate continues to evolve with recent discoveries. That in mind, it’s important to adjust as a business.
In case you missed it…
We’ve been sharing all of our tips in an amazing Facebook group dedicated to marketing during the pandemic. We’re living in crazy times, so hop in the group.
Free GuideHow to Market During a Pandemic Yes, Please!
That being said, what do we do, anyway?
It’s safe to say the pandemic circumstances are beyond our control.That said, here are some steps you CAN take.
Ask questions. Instead of pretending to have all the answers, the time is right to learn more about your clients. Use this opportunity to create conversations and learn about your audience.
Show up and serve. Changing circumstances don’t eliminate the need for your product or service. Some people need you more now than ever. You’re doing clients a favor by staying engaged instead of burying your head in the and.
Get creative. Now’s the time to test new marketing ideas & concepts. You better believe we are. Stay tuned for what that looks like.
Reach out. Now more than ever people are in front of their screens 24/7. If you’re looking to connect with a prospect, chances are they’ll see what you have to say. Craft a compelling message to get them to respond.
Be different. You don’t have to keep addressing the pandemic to show others you care, but referencing it helps. That in mind, don’t do the same thing everyone else or your competitors are doing. Be different, stand out, and use this opportunity to engage clients.
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