How To Win Clients and Influence Markets with A CASE STUDY YOU SHOULD SEE

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If you know much about us, we’re always putting emphasis on results. There are so many goals we set for ourselves and business, but without measurement, we lose the basis of why we started. There are many ways for us to measure results, but one of our favorites is case studies. A case study brings every element of the provided services into a comprehensive presentation. It benefits clients and the business because at the end of the day both parties want to see success. From an agency perspective, reviewing metrics and results is the perfect way to build and improve upon what you see. The best way to show clients what you offer is to show them results yourself.

Nameless Catering provides Indiana quality meals at affordable prices. During the start of the Covid Pandemic, Nameless began creating frozen meals. They came to us desiring increased sales and needed to reach a new audience who would be interested in this new service. Our challenges as we began were

  • Increase social media engagement
  • Obtain a new audience
  • Optimize promotions for a larger reach

With the use of Facebook advertising, we began building Nameless a brand new audience. We increased their reach and got products and promotions in front of those in need of quality meals delivered right to the front door. The benefits we saw through this campaign included

  • Growth in client reach
  • Generated new leads
  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased lead generation

Nameless experienced significantly low cost per lead and cost per click. The click-through rate was higher than the average. These measurements proved the success of this campaign and continued to improve the Nameless business through a pandemic. 

Our strategy was based on the desired goals we discussed before we began advertising. It was organic as custom-built audiences drove the traffic that generated leads. Despite worries of canceled events and limited need for catering, Nameless was able to pivot their strategy and supply families all around Indiana fresh and frozen meals that have been enjoyed and celebrated by many customers. 

Nameless is just one of the many case studies available to view on our website. If you’re ready to experience what our agency offers, you can be sure we take everything into consideration. No two clients are the same and neither is our approach. This is the success story of one of our clients…we can’t wait to share yours.