Interesting facts you never knew about self – sabotage

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Stop self – sabotage

Our thoughts create our feelings. How we think about ourselves and others directly correlates with the actions we take. In order to take action, we must first think about the result we’re trying to achieve.

We are conditioned from the start to do the “right” thing. So often the thing we think is right is not necessarily right for us, it’s right for others. We tie money to time and effort. However, the second we don’t feel like we’re spending enough of those resources we become overwhelmed with feelings of doubt. You must take yourself out of this vicious cycle. Success and worthiness are not a direct reflection of time and effort.

We must work to rewire our brains to stop limiting ourselves with these thoughts. Feelings of uncomfortableness often play into these beliefs. We seek to make wild changes and expect them to break these bouts of uncomfortable feelings. In reality, what we must train ourselves to do is ask “why we feel this way and what action can we take to combat them?” When we stop lying to ourselves and pushing our feelings away we are able to see clearly the path that needs to be taken.

Instead of looking at our identity, look at the goal. Put yourself in the shoes of your future self and begin looking backward at the steps that you need to take in order to reach that person, that goal, whatever “that” is for you.

Being consumed in this self-sabotaging cycle makes it nearly impossible to see this destruction from an outside perspective. The best thing you can do for yourself is by taking time for self-reflection. This is a learned skill that takes time to understand. Taking the time to peel back the layers of an issue provides a deeper awareness and uncovers your motives and desires.

Whether you recognize it or not, everyone gets trapped in this cycle. The good news is that by following these steps above you can combat these feelings of self-doubt. Once you recognize your position, you’ll be much more equipped to change your behavior pattern and unlock the next level of success.