How to Practice Self Care on Social Media

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The internet is an amazing place. With so many possibilities to explore, create, and connect, it’s easy to forget the downside of all this access. There’s certainly some truth in what our parents used to say about the dangers of the web, but those dangers may be far more real than we can even imagine. No…this isn’t a blog about your risks of being online. Instead, we’ve compiled a checklist to keep your internet relationship exciting and beneficial. Here’s what we’ve got!

1.Listen to what you’re saying to yourself. 

The daily scroll can become consuming at times. Everything we look at is causing some type of reaction. The act of liking or commenting on something is a display of this reaction, but many times we scroll through our feed without any action at all. It’s important we pay close attention to our internal reactions to the content we’re seeing. So be kind to those you see and reflect on how it makes you feel. 

2. Follow new faces and voices

Getting comfortable with content is completely normal. The same faces pop up on our feed and we are happy to follow other journeys for years on end. There are some people you may never unfollow, friends and family are likely consistent in your feed. Through the years you’ve certainly seen the growth of others, but also yourself. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and change up your feed a bit. If everyone you see looks the same and says the same thing…is that content really benefiting you? Likely not.

3. Be intentional with what you like 

You are intentional with what you post, so why not be the same with what you like. Every action you take on social media influences the algorithm of your feed. If you like something, ask yourself why. What about a specific post caused you to interact with it. This will give you clarity about your social diet, but can also promote new ideas you can use yourself. 

It’s so important to keep yourself in mind as you allow others to influence you. Know what you want to see, how you want to see it, and what outcome you desire to achieve by viewing it. Yes, social media is entertaining, but it is so much more. You will get more satisfaction the more aware you are. We all spend significant time online so don’t be passive about what you view. If you like something say it, share it and keep yourself at the front of it all.