The Art of Batching: 4 Tips to FINALLY Follow Through on Social Media Marketing

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“Social Media just doesn’t work for me.”
We’ve heard this statement before. And we get it. In fact, clients often come to us skeptical about whether or not social media can actually move the needle in their business. But if social media doesn’t “work” for you – why are thousands upon thousands of companies making money with social content? Before you decide that social selling isn’t effective, here are some tips we would love for you to try. 
1. Practice Batching
Batching is the act of grouping tasks together, so you do them all at once, instead of switching between tasks that take place in different programs or areas. When it comes to social media, we all go through “writer’s block” where we have no idea what to say. But think back to all the research papers you had to crank out in college. How did you manage to pull those through? Chances are if you’re still reading this email, you didn’t get through college by following an outline to finish your tasks exactly when you said you would. More realistically, you probably procrastinated and cranked them out. Similar to your research papers, your social media probably won’t be something you jump up and down every day waiting to work on. But if you work on it in one sitting, you’ll likely have ideas that flow easily so you don’t have to rinse and repeat.
2. Build a Content Library
Ever wondered how much easier your life would be if you had a bank of content to pull from? I’ve got news for you…YOU CAN BUILD ONE. Though it may take some extra time and planning, which is easier: Cramming for a final exam from 3 am to 6 am creating a study guide over a few weeks. The temptation is to opt for the first, but we all know consistency is key. Take the time to create a library, whether it be a Google Drive folder, sticky notes, or your CRM. All you have to do is note ideas, photos, and captions as they come.
3. Keep an Idea Inventory
Let’s be honest: the best ideas always come at the most inconvenient times. But truthfully, that’s because we forget to slow down and even allow our brain to rest for a moment.Ideas come when we give ourselves the space to accept them. So whether that’s the shower, in the car, or at the gym, find a method to take note and follow up later.
4. Stick to a System
Listen. What works for me may not work for you. But here’s what I do know: regardless of our personality type or skill set, we all have systems. When we clean our house or pick up the kids, we all have a spoken or unspoken game plan to follow through.

Here’s the secret: there’s no right or wrong social media system. Sure, there are plenty of proven methods that can effectively attract more clients over time. But no matter how effective the plan, the power comes from execution & repetition.  
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