The intense truth about email

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Email isn’t dead.
So here are a few important things to know about this secret marketing weapon. 
The biggest way I moved the needle in my agency is email marketing. You heard me correctly. Despite all the growth and demand for social media, paid ads, and web design, email marketing has significantly been the key to growing my client base and increasing my revenue. Don’t get me wrong. Other areas of marketing are CRITICAL to an overall successful strategy. But in my opinion, email marketing takes the cake. Why is that?
Email starts the conversation directly with your audience.
Here’s the thing with email. Every time you send your clients a message, you have the opportunity to talk to them directly within their inbox.That’s an in for you to tailor your message in a specific and relevant way where your leads can get in touch with you directly.And email isn’t as slow or dead as it once was during the dial-up days. It’s actually one of the most personal forms of marketing we have today.Considering social media, paid advertising, PPC, and web design are all geared toward the masses – email is a way that you can specifically connect on an individual basis with your clients.
Email marketing reminds your current clients you are there.
I can’t tell you how many times my clients see one of my marketing email campaigns and respond back regarding something unrelated about our project – all because seeing my name in their inbox reminded them to reach back out. 
I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my clients time and time again the services I offer, but suddenly they’ll see an email from me, and it took that reminder to hire me for that service. 
Finally, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered a prospect that was interested, but not ready to invest in their marketing just yet, but seeing consistent emails from me got them to make the change when the time is right. 
Email allows you to own your client’s information.
Yes – own. You heard me. Email is one of the few ways you can extract quite a bit of information about your ideal client.
Having an email list can help you… Have data to run successful Facebook ad campaigns. Interact with your clients and customers. Perform market analysis. Remarket special and promotional offers. Just by owning their email address and data. All that in mind – at It Media, we’re still investing in email. 
Need a hand?
Whether it’s a one time-intensive or outsourcing your email campaigns, your It Media family can help. 
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