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BTS of Success and Struggle – Breaking down a case study 

One of our favorite ways to track and measure the success of a campaign is to put together a case study. We love sharing these with our team, our clients, and our prospects. Case studies are the perfect way to break down data in a comprehendible way. They are visually pleasing and easily accessible. So here’s a summary of a case study we put together in the sh*t storm of 2020. 

Nameless Catering was a client that should have, under the circumstances, been highly impacted by the pandemic. As events were canceled left and right, the outcome of a catering company was uncertain, to say the least. Ready to welcome change, Nameless took their entire business model and re-invented what had brought them this far. 

Enter frozen meal preparation. Answering the community call of easy prep meals without personal contact, Nameless Catering began offering family-style frozen meals ready for contact-free pickup or delivery at an affordable price. The strategy to launch was heavily reliant on organic strategy for Facebook ads to further increase Nameless’s reach.  With custom audiences, we were able to drive traffic that created accurate leads. 

Results included:

* 42,000 new visitors to their website

* 38,000 potential customers reached

* Appearing at the top of search engines

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, Nameless Catering was able to implement a new business model that has proved incredibly successful during and beyond its launch. 

Their frozen meals have been appreciated and praised by customers new and old. This case study is the ultimate example of how companies differ in their approach to uncertain circumstances. 

We have many more case studies available to view, including this one, all on our website. If you’re wondering how we measure success and get results, these case studies are meant for you to view. Hopefully, you can be part of our next success story with a case study of your own.