Want To ELEVATE YOUR INSTAGRAM? You Need To Read This First

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How to Elevate your Instagram

Instagram isn’t just another platform to manage. Since it’s start just 10 years ago, the platform has made immense changes. From what people want to see and how they see it, every business has a place on Instagram and if you don’t already, it’s time to make one. There is an encyclopedia of information available online about how to optimize your feed, attract new customers, and share information with your audience. Content that both compels and educates. We have done the research, tested the results and now we’re ready to share with you. Here are the biggest tips to elevate your Instagram profile.

Tip #1

Focus on Your Bio

People follow Instagram accounts for a few reasons, community, education, and inspiration. Yes, a pretty feed may help you stand out, but if you don’t give them a reason to stay, those efforts are all for nothing. Your Instagram bio should immediately tell people who you are, what you do, why you’re there, and how you can help. It shouldn’t be long-form paragraphs, rather bullet points that streamline your entire business easy enough for a fifth-grader to understand. You’ll need to use an Instagram business account to optimize your profile. Setting this up is simple and provides you extended access to your metrics, allowing you to grow your reach and engagement.

Tip #2

Produce Interesting Content

Once you’ve hooked people with your bio, by telling them why you deserve their time, you have to keep them interested by producing content that compels them. First, your content must be of high quality. If your images are blurry, randomly placed, or out of proportion for Instagram’s image size requirements, not only will your feed look incohesive, it also portrays the idea that you don’t care and no one wants to follow a feed that doesn’t flow.

Tip #3

Engage With Your Audience

If your followers comment and reach out to you through your posts, it’s your responsibility to create and maintain those connections. You have to act quickly and let people know that you’re listening and that you care. The only way to portray this is if you’re first on the spot to respond. Building these relationships will increase your engagement, and it prepares you and your business for any looming crisis. Monitoring your Instagram account isn’t as complicated as you may think. Many scheduling platforms allow you access to see and respond to comments right away. If you implement comment replies into your daily social monitoring, you will be surprised at how quickly your Instagram will elevate.

The time is now to take your Instagram account to the next level. With the use of any of these steps, you’ll see an increase in views, engagements, and overall growth on your page. Don’t expect immediate results because as with everything, growth takes time. Especially in the space of Instagram, the way algorithms work, consistency is key. The more of these tips you take and use the quicker you will see results. Take one tip at a time and elevate your Instagram today.

Want more advice on your Instagram elevation? We’ll be back to guide you step by step.