Want to know the 8 secrets in my marketing playbook?

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The Secrets in my Marketing Playbook
Here are a few things you need to know. (P.S. – our intern Carly created this email. Isn’t she awesome?!)
In case you missed it…
In case you missed it, we’ve been toying with the idea of starting a podcast at SOME point this year.Since the marketing world is always changing, so it is so important to have guidelines helping us business owners stay on top of the market. So until we come up with our own show, we’ve been dropping value bombs on other podcasts to test the waters. And in this podcast, we are giving you the FARM when it comes to building a marketing playbook. Seriously, we should have charged for this.
My Marketing Playbook
Here are just a few value bombs we drop on the show…Email isn’t dead, email marketing is a perfect opportunity to build credibility and authority.Strive for a basic website without feeling like you need to spend thousands. Social media matters. Get a plan together. Linkedin is exploding. Jump on board while you can.
Want the full breakdown?
Listen to the podcast!