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The difference between an advertising firm and an agency 

So it’s time for you to hire a team for all your advertising needs. It can be an overwhelming search as you try to find the perfect pairing. Many questions fill your mind as you attempt to enter a new chapter in your business. Don’t worry, every successful business finds itself in the same position at one point or another. We’re going pretty basic in this post and giving you a little insight into the difference between firms and agencies. 

The Firm: 

Simply put, you can think of an advertising firm in the same way you think of a “law firm.” This is typically a collective of individuals who specialize in a range of services all for one company or organization. In relation to this specific topic, this would be a group of individuals who specialize in one or two areas of advertising. Other services like SEO and implementation may not be handled in house, meaning you’ll have to outsource those services somewhere else. Hiring a firm would be beneficial if you already have an advertising team and need further guidance or assistance accomplishing objectives, however, for all-encompassing services, let’s learn more about agencies. 

The Agency:

An agency is going to offer a range of services to help implement a strategy for all your brand needs. Agencies are made up of…you guessed it, AGENTS. These specialized individuals operate under one brand but can also act independently. To help clarify, you can think of real estate brokers and real estate agents. Agencies could also be more specific in the services they offer. As you begin your search, be specific, try “digital advertising agency,” for example. This agency will likely offer in house talent to offer strategy, design, and advertising. 

The differences between firms and agencies may be difficult to comprehend. As you narrow down your search and become specific with your needs, you may be surprised at the impact these minor differences have. No matter what you are looking for, it’s important to consider the benefits and challenges that each of these entities offers. Whether you chose a firm or an agency, make your decision based on the needs of your business and be very specific with those choices.